Checkin' Out the Rides at the 120th Annual Greene County Fair

September 4, 2007 - Posted at 8:55 p.m. CDT

PARAGOULD, AR -- Funnel cakes, fast rides and families having a good's all at the Greene County fair this week in Paragould. The fair is celebrating its 120th year and while the events and attractions may have changed over time, fun is still the backbone of the fair.

"It's a whole lot better than Little Rock and that's a big fair there," said Paragould resident Glenda Sheerer, "We're just here to check things out.

It's expected that more than 14,000 people will attend the Greene County Fair this year in Paragould.  Kids will play games, eat tasty treats and of course, ride the rides!

"It goes around in circles and goes really fast," explained Hannah Scott as she sat ready to go on one ride.

Chastity Shipman wasn't sure of the name of her favorite ride, but she knew what it did, "It spins around and it goes up and down."

"We're just out riding rides and just having fun," said Corning 4 th grader Brandon Gray.

You can be a "Hot Shot" and tackle the big stuff or keep your feet on the ground with a little bumper car action.

I thought I was tough enough to face the Pharaoh's Fury...

"Does this ride make you scream like a girl?" I asked the rider next to me.

"Sometimes," he yelled back.

"You scream pretty loud?" I wanted to know.

"Yea, pretty loud!" said the rider.

As an older and 'seasoned' carnival rider, I had to share some advice for my new friend Peyton...

"If you throw up can you throw up that way and not on me?" I laughed.

Peyton smiled and shouted, "Yea!"

The fair does have some calmer rides...and there are always plenty of games.

Emily Highfill said, "I think these rides are awesome!"

But after a too many rides, when photojournalist Justin Potter asked how I felt, I had to answer honestly, "I might be sick!"

The Greene County fair continues until Saturday.