Condemned Inmate Challenges State's Lethal Injection Procedure

LITTLE ROCK, AR - A death-row inmate scheduled for execution next month has requested a stay, arguing that Arkansas' lethal injection procedure is unconstitutional.

Jack Harold Jones, Jr. is sentenced to die for the 1995 slaying of a Bald Knob bookkeeper.  Jones' attorney filed a request yesterday to stay Jones' execution.

Jones has intervened in a lawsuit by death row inmate Terrick Nooner, who faces a September 18 execution date.  Nooner has also requested a stay for his execution.

The suit challenges the Arkansas Department of Correction's execution procedure, the lethal drugs that are used and the personnel who administer the fatal shots.

In earlier filings, the state has said Arkansas uses the same three chemicals...sodium pentothal, panchromium bromide and potassium chloride, as other death penalty states that have withstood constitutional challenges.

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