Bus Route Confusion Continues

September 5, 2007 - Posted at 4:00 p.m.

Jonesboro, AR -

Concerns continue to arise about new bus routes in the Jonesboro School District.  One parent received a truancy letter after their child missed seven of the first 12 days of school.  Bridgette Bullock says it's because their daughter has to walk almost two miles to school.

"The letter said she could possibly go to jail for 30 days a fine up to 500 daollars, or she could be taken into dhs custody.and be taken from us for her just missing 7 days of school and it not being her fault."

Twelve-year old Heather Bullock went to the same bus stop she's been using for two years, and after the bus didn't stop two days in a row her parents got concerned.

"After the third day I thought something is really wrong here. So i talked to the principal and he said they would get everything resolved...they should have let someone know that transportation wasn't going to be available for her."

We talked with Assistant Superintendent Charles Cobb about the situation that he says has already been resolved.

"I talked with the bus driver and supervisor on Friday because we were out on Monday and they told me the situation. So it was resolved on Friday, it was just lack of communication with the parent and the student."

He pointed out where the bus will now pick up Heather Bullock.

"She'll probably have to walk one block and the bus will come by and take her to Annie Camp."

The school is not required to provide transportation, but is willing to do so.

"So if the student lives within 2 miles of the school, we are not required by law to provide transportation."

But the parents are still worried their child's abscences will count against her.

"It is not the students fault that she did not have a way to school so we will not be pressing charges or anything so we'll assume responsibility for that... Those will not be counted against her she will be taken care of."

Jonesboro Administration urges parents to call them if there are any further problems with transportation.