A Community Honors a Local Hero

MARMADUKE, AR -- A community came together on Wednesday to remember a young fire fighter who died over the weekend in a car accident. 26-year-old John Healy died Saturday night when the Greene County Sheriff's vehicle he was riding in crashed into a ditch.  The accident happened on a dusty, gravel road while he and a deputy were on their way to assist another officer.

Healy served as a captain on the Marmaduke Fire Department and as an auxiliary officer for the Marmaduke Police Department.

"John Healy was an exceptional firefighter," said Marmaduke Nicki McDowell.

"He just went beyond the call of duty to help anybody," said Marmaduke Police Chief Steve Franks.

Healy is being remembered for all he did in the community.

This is a major loss.  We've already been through so much here in Marmaduke and to fill boots his size is tremendous.  We'll miss John more than anything," said McDowell.

"He served the community and served the public 110%.  He was always there," said Franks.

The Marmaduke Fire Department served as honorary pallbearers carrying the casket of their fallen brother the best way they know how.

"This is how we show appreciation to a fallen officer," said Franks.

"These guys go out and they put their lives on the line and it's the least we can do to show them the appreciation and give them the farewell that they deserve," said McDowell.

Healy leaves behind a wife and two children.  His fellow officers paid tribute to them by presenting them with different things to remember him by including his fireman's hat.

"He's going to be greatly missed by everybody," said Franks.

McDowell told K8 News they do plan on having some type of memorial for Healy, but he's not sure what that is going to be at this point.