8-Year-Old Plans Saturday Yard Sale Fundraiser

September 5, 2007 - Posted at 9:19 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- The lesson of helping can be learned too young.  We introduce you to one Region 8 girl who decided to help when she found out her aunt was diagnosed with Lymphoma.

8-year-old Sabrina Roland may have small hands, but she has a big heart.  She also the mastermind behind a fundraiser nearly two months in the making.

"We have about 100 items in here, people have been donating after donating after donating and we are fixing to have a big truckload come here," said Sabrina.

There's actually more than a thousand items and it's all been collected as part of a yard sale fundraiser that's happening this Saturday in Jonesboro.

"One day I was reading a story in the newspaper about a little boy had sold his toys to help his friend who was suffering from cancer," said Sabrina's mother Sherry "And I said that would be a great idea, why don't we donate some of your toys because she donates regularly and tries to help with different causes and she said, 'no, I want to do it for my Aunt Bonnie.'"

The Valley View third grader wanted to help her great aunt Bonnie Brand who is in need of a third stem cell transplant.  So her mother made a flyer and they posted it around town....and the donations came pouring in.

"We have a huge variety of things!" laughed Sherry, "We have everything that you can possibly think of, I think we have and it's been in the house for about two months now."

Sabrina has also collected nearly $950 dollars in donations so far.

"This is for my Aunt Bonnie. It says 'I love Bonnie,' which I do," explained Sabrina, "It's to donate dollars and change and stuff like that.  It's going to be lying out with someone standing by it and stuff like that."

And while the concept of cancer may be a lot for most children to understand, Sabrina knows she's helping her family.

"So she can go to little rock and buy some clothes. and she had to sell her day care that she had and they have almost lost everything they've had and they can barely pay their bills because it costs about $100,000 just to go to little rock for one check up," said Sabrina.

"She has a very big spirit. She's very kind hearted, very tender hearted, especially for her age. She's very sympathetic towards other people and children and what they are going through," said Sherry.

The fundraiser yard sale for Bonnie Brand is going to start Saturday morning at 7:00 a.m. and the Roland's say will go until dark.  They are also going to continue the yard sale on Sunday after church services and of course you can find all sorts of treasures 5310 Trammel Road....that's just off of Harrison Road on south Stadium.