Next Year's Mascot Change Isn't Slowing Down ASU Indian Gear Sales

Jonesboro, AR

As the anticipation builds to Saturday's home opener against the Memphis Tigers, fans like Donna Daugherity are gearing up.

"Before the Indians name leaves,  we wanted to get something to wear to support for years what has been the only thing we knew," said Daugherity.

Even though the Indians won't be ASU's mascot next year, it's not hard to find Indian gear like T-shirts and hats, but for some stores it is hard to keep them on the shelves.

Chris Jarchow manages the campus book store.

"They are snatching up things regardless if it has the headdress on it or the state logo on it," said Jarchow.

Rosalyn Washington manages Indian Book and Supply on Johnson.

"It's selling better since this is the last year for the Indians because more people are coming in and stocking up on Indians stuff," said Washington.

"It's still selling great and theoretically we still are the Indians until next year nothing's changed. We don't have a new mascot. You know, we're still the Indians and we're going to stick with it until the end," said store owner, Hoppy Hoffman.

In the future though, things like hats, t-shirts, and mail box covers could be collectors items.

"I try to buy as much Indian memorabilia as I can just to put around the store because I know people love seeing it and it brings back old memories," said Hoffman.

For ASU Indians alumni and store owner Hoppy Hoffman, he'll always have the Indians in his heart.

"Everybody's going to be an Indian. If you went to school here you are an Indian and you're going to be an Indian until you die, but we have to change with the times," said Hoffman.

"We're going to support where we live and we're going to keep this around and we want our son to know there is value to sticking to your roots," said Daugherity.

Although change is inevitable, many Indians fans would say the Indian mascot is deeply rooted in Arkansas State history.