Possible Ownership Changes for Condemned Willows Apartments

In a surprise announcement Tuesday night, Public Works Director, Erick Woodruff, told city council of a possible ownership change within the Willows Apartments.

On Thursday they sat down with attorneys representing the group of prospective buyers.

"They would like to bring the standard back, as far as apartment complexes go. They are also willing to look at the entire complex itself and make improvements throughout," said Woodruff.

That's a big challenge considering three buildings were condemned in August for multiple code violations.

With barricades remaining around several buildings, new potential owners have already put down a deposit on the 1.5 million dollar price tag of the Willows Apartments, but what are their plans for the buildings that have been condemned?

"The new owners are in agreement with us that the three buildings at the Willows Apartments: A, B, and C should be demolished," said Woodruff.

Woodruff says he feels comfortable that the group of buyers based in Jonesboro will take better care of the complex.

"To us, it's a good thing, for the growth of the city, for the citizens, for the people that live in the Willows. I believe they are more than willing to upgrade and bring this apartment complex back to where it needs to be," said Woodruff.

But he says, with violations still in place, potential owners know what they are coming into.

"The code applies to everyone, whether you live in the state of Arkansas or you don't. Like I said earlier, if these potential new owners come in, we will treat them the same way as we would treat anybody," said Woodruff.

And it's a respect for the city and the property itself, that leaves him confident this could be a good move.

"The Willows used to be the place to live, and I think they want to bring that standard back to Jonesboro," said Woodruff.

While we don't know who the potential buyers are, it is expected the property will be closed on within the next 30 days.

And K8 news will stay with this story and bring you the latest as any changes become official.

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