No Mascot Yet, But the Ball is Rolling

September 7, 2007 - Posted at 5:15 p.m. CST

Jonesboro, AR -

Life long fans and tailgaters Anna Bell and Tom Akers were first to set up Friday morning at Indian Stadium.

"We've been the Indians a long time and I'd like to stay an Indian but I'm aware of the regulations with the NCAA and I just hope that they make a good decision."

And that decision could come soon.

While no mascot was decided at Friday's mascot committee meeting - Jim Pickens, Chairman of the Committee said they did lay the ground work for a new replacement for the Indians.

"We developed a process which will be all inclusive that can eventually involve tens of thousands of people."

That process is ASU's web site where until October 31st you can make a suggestion for a mascot.

"Anyone who wants to make a suggestion is at liberty there are no preconceived notions or ideas."

"We approved a tentative timeline and by early Spring we should have identified a new mascot for Arkansas State University."

The Mascot Committee will then gather all of the suggestions and discuss them with members of their 9 constinuency groups, which will now include Athletics.

By November 10th the constiuency groups will produce their top 10 lists.

They also discussed a proposal on how to retire the Indian family.

"In a very dignified, professionally done retirement of our 76 year old mascot and that will come at the beginning of rolling out our new mascot."

But whatever the mascot is, some fans will still sport their Indian gear.

"Our Committee doesn't have the authority to tell anyone what they can and can't wear. "

Tom Akers says he and his wife will always wear the symbol of the tribe.

"We've always been an Indian, always will be an Indian."

For the Akers I-N-D-I-A-N-S will always mean Victory.

To make a suggestion for a new mascot go to A-State's website.