ASU Works to Get the Stadium Ready for a Huge Saturday Crowd

JONESBORO, AR -- Saturday's big home opener against Memphis is a match that proves to be a true nail biter every year.

On Friday the people at ASU were working to get the stadium ready for the fans to come to the game on Saturday.

"The first game every year, it doesn't matter who you're playing its difficult because you get nervous about what might happen," said Assistant Athletic Director of Facilities and Games Management Randy Knowles.

Knowles said the Jonesboro vs. Nettleton game at Indian Stadium helped them be ready for this first home game.

"We're getting the stadium ready.  We've got the lights on and we're replacing some light bulbs right now," said Knowles.

And fans say they notice the changes.

The last time the Memphis Tigers were at Indian Stadium was 2004 when over 30,000 people showed up.

The number one suggestion that Knowles gives for Saturday's game:  get there early.

"Our people have a tendency to get here about 45 minutes before the game and they were finding that traffic was backed up down stadium," said Knowles.

Knowles said this year, with the assistance of the Arkansas State Police and some officers from the Jonesboro Police Department, all of the lights will be manned from Johnson to Highway 63 so all of the lights will be green one direction.

But the people at ASU aren't the only ones who are busy.  Tailgaters are busy too.  Mike Graddy said they've been working since about 10 a.m. to get ready for the big game on Saturday.

"Most of the work is getting the food and getting it ready and preparing it for the next day," said Graddy.