Trumann Welcomes Thought of New High School

A new school means new growth opportunities for Poinsett County.

School officials, along with parents, staff and business leaders met Friday at Trumann High School, to celebrate the construction of the second phase of the new high school.

"It's probably going to be one of the top of the line schools in Northeast Arkansas and the surrounding areas. My son is going to graduate and be the first graduating class there. He graduates in 2009. It's the perfect location for a school because it's right out there by the bypass on the interstate," said Trumann resident Larry Blagg.

The pricetag on the new and improved school stands at $17 million, according to Trumann School Superintendent, Jim Waleszonia.

It will come complete with state of the art classrooms and other amenities.

"This is going to be great because buses won't be running out that stretch of road with the gravel trucks and you won't have to worry about your kids cause they'll be right here close," said Michael Lindley.

Some parents in Trumann think their kids will be more excited about going to school, with the opening of a shiny, new one.

"This old school is old and a lot of kids don't look forward to going over there because it's a little bit crowded. With the new school it's going to give them a positive attitude about a new school and a new place with new things happening. It will give them some encouragement," said April Cowan.

The new high school will house approximately 550 students.

Construction on the school is expected to be complete by the fall of next year.