Rain Doesn't Dampen Spirits of Indian Fans

The downpour of rain that hit Indian Stadium couldn't drown the spirit of ASU fans.

"We'll win the rest of them. That's part of it," said an ASU fan.

Long before the downpour, fans set up camp outside the stadium, where thousands of ASU supporters talked, laughed and enjoyed food.

Tailgaters say their annual tradition of getting together before the big game is a way of life for a good majority of football fans.

"Fans that wouldn't normally come to the game kinda get drawn in by the aspect of socializing, kids gotta have something to do. It kinda draws the whole crew here," said an ASU fan.

Top on the list of conversations at the pre-game festivities was the rivalry between Arkansas State and the Memphis Tigers.

"It's just great because Memphis is only an hour away and we've had a great rivalry. I went to college here and we've always played Memphis good. We have a great rivalry. Their fans come out. Hopefully the weather will cooperate or if it doesn't, it'll cooperate in ASU's favor, said an ASU fan.

Saturday's game was postponed. The Indians will take on the Memphis Tigers once again on September 27th.