Clock Ticking as Bald Knob Supporters Try to Stop Annexation

BALD KNOB, AR - Supporters of the cash-strapped Bald Knob School District have raised more than $700,000 to try and save their district.

That's according to Arkansas Education Commissioner Ken James, who noted that the clock is ticking for the White County town.

The Bald Knob district faces a Sept. 24 hearing before the state, on whether the 1,300-student district should be annexed into a nearby district.   The state Dept. of Education has sent letters to the Augusta, Bradford, Midland, Riverview and White County Central school districts, informing them of Bald Knob's situation.

The state took over the Bald Knob district last month after the district was projected to be about $2 million in debt this year.  James says the district was unable to meet payroll and loan obligations.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)