Soggy State Equals Muddy Mayhem For Parking

September 10, 2007 - Posted at 7:05 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO-As rain fell Saturday night, parking for Indian Stadium got messy real quick.

"It was a real mess out there. It could have been handled a lot better. They could have had more tow trucks and at least more than one way to get out. It was a mess," said Adam Crisler.

On Monday nearly a dozen cars still sit buried in mud as tractors work to pack down the soggy dirt.

However, as another weekend full of events approaches, what does ASU plan to do with their new lack of parking?

"We don't have anything finalized yet. We are looking at different options for what we can do, but probably 60 to 70 percent of parking for football games is on grass," said Randy Knowles, Asst. Athletic Director for ASU.

What was grass, now it looks more like a sea of brown washed in from the mighty Mississippi as thousands of Memphis and ASU fans struggled to get home over the weekend.

"Crazy out there. I saw wreckers pulling people out for a couple of days. Several of my friends cars were just really messed up," said Hollingsworth.

Some even want to be reimbursed for their troubles.

"I think they should offer refunds to people who got towed out and had to pay, because it's a University issue. It's their parking lot," said Crisler.

But the university did provide free towing, at least for one night.

"We pulled them out Saturday at no cost. I was at the soccer game on Sunday and saw them being towed, but that was not furnished by the athletic department at that time," said Knowles.

And for those rolling into town for this weekend's home game and the NEA District Fair Rodeo, here's some advice.

"They key is to get here early. We do have general parking on the pavement, the Convocation Center, the Fowler Center, and by the baseball stadium. We do have it, it's just first come first serve," said Knowles.

Remember to keep in mind that the game starts at 6:00 and the rodeo around 8:00 so definitely make plans to get there early.

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