Slips and Falls

Everyone slips and falls. You cannot learn to walk without falling a few times. Everyone misses a step occasionally and comes down "just a little hard" once in a while. What most people don't realize, however, is what these little missteps (mini traumas) can do to their spine—particularly as they build over time. With each slip or jar, the disc or cushion between your spinal vertebra is forced to compress just a little. Generally, it springs right back, but sometimes not quite as much as before or, sometimes not quite in the exact same position because a muscle, tendon or ligament is also hurt and pulls the vertebra "just a little off". Your body copes with it, maybe moves just a little less (called loss of range of motion), until the next slip—which just nudges things a bit more.

Eventually you get out of bed or some other activity you've done hundreds of times and feel pain. The bad thing with this scenario is that degeneration may have occurred once you feel pain. Though a chiropractor can generally relieve the pain they, nor you, can regain any degenerative changes. The far better thing to do is to see a chiropractor periodically before life's stresses add up to big problems.