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Church Thefts Still a Mystery

The sanctuary at Southside Community Church is a little quiet these days.

That's because some thieves broke in through the sanctuary's metal doors and took thousands of dollars worth of audio equipment.

"Well this happens to be the strongest door in the whole building and this is the one they choose. It's a solid steel door on both sides and there are locks at the top on both sides and locks on the bottom. They just took a crowbar it looks like. Then they were just able to pull the rest of the door open," said Pastor Charles Stoddard.

Whoever's responsible took microphones, guitars and an entire drum set.

But, a few items they chose to pass over are a little baffling.

"they just pick and choose what they want, they'll walk by something that's a thousand dollars and take something that's only worth 700 dollars," said Stoddard.

The Greene County Sheriff's office is investigating the case.

They say the latest break-ins are even more confusing because the thieves didn't actually take anything at all.

"We had three churches reported Friday morning that had been broken into during the night and these particular churches this time, nothing was taken," said investigator Bruce Drope.

Even so, Southside doesn't want to be victimized again.

They're installing a security system to make sure the thieves don't pay them another visit.

The pastor says his congregation can't understand why someone would target a church.

"They're appalled that anyone would steal from a church. We're here to help people. Actually, we've been praying for them," said Stoddard.

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