Pryor Uneasy with Petraeus, Ambassador Report

WASHINGTON - U.S. Senator Mark Pryor says testimony from General David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker did not provide him the assurances he needs to feel comfortable with a plan that would mean further U.S. sacrifices in Iraq.

A member of the Armed Services Committee, Pryor told Petraeus and Crocker during their appearance before the panel that their recommendations on the war establish yet another "goal post" to work toward rather than give the Congress evidence that all the elements are in place to win it.

The Democrat from Arkansas told The Associated Press afterward that he doesn't have a comfort level with the plan and that the military aspect seems to be overemphasized.  He said diplomacy and economic and political measures are needed to win the war and that nothing in the testimony from Petraeus and Crocker provided signs of progress on these other fronts.

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