Region 8 Remembers and Honors for Sept. 11

Today we remember those who died on September Eleventh, 2001 along with many others who have made the biggest sacrifice for our freedom.

Region 8 spent the day honoring our local first responders, EMT's and law enforcement for their services. In Nettleton, David Bassi and other students held a reception and assembly.

"Not only to honor the victims of September 11th but also to honor the first responders of our community."

The ceremony included guest speakers including the Police Chief, the Fire Chief, and Mayor Forman.

"Sometimes I think we overlook our first responders and what they do in our community and I really think this is going to open the eyes of the students and the people in our community. They're the first ones there to a crisis and they are the last ones to leave they are there cleaning it up."

In jonesboro, families and veterans like Danny Honnol, gathered Downtown to pay tribute to their lost loved ones.

"I lost my father this year and he was a veteran, he was a true patriot and it was hard not to think about my father John Honnol a marine of WWII."

Flags were flown and a wreath was placed to remember the victims of 9-11. Sheriff Jack McCann spoke along with members of the American Legion about Craighead County's law enforcement.

"Because without them keeping the local peace we would not be out here able to fly our flags and have the freedom that we have."

Since 2001, the date september 11th will never be the same.

"You know twenty years ago Sept. 11th didn't mean anything unless it was your birthday or your anniversary, not it's a freeze frame in your mind of the planes smashing into those towers."