Uncertainty on When Bush Will Name New U.S. Attorney for State

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Congressman John Boozman says he does not know when the White House will appoint a U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas.  That job has not had an office holder confirmed by the U.S. Senate since Bud Cummins was fired.

Cummins was among eight U.S. attorneys fired last year, a move that was among the reasons Democrats called for then Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' outster.  Gonzales resigned last month.

As the only Republican in Arkansas' congressional delegation, Boozman submitted recommendations to President Bush for the Eastern District of Arkansas position.  Boozman says the White House may have made filing an open federal judgeship a higher priority.  Boozman also says the administration may be happy with the work of acting U.S. attorney Jane Duke.

Duke was first assistant to Cummins and then to Tim Griffin, who resigned June 1.  Griffin is a former aide to Bush adviser Karl Rove and was named as interim prosecutor to replace Cummins.  Democrats argued that Cummins and the seven other U.S. attorneys were fired for political reasons by Gonzales.

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