Ohio Man, Trapped Under Tractor, Digs Out with Penknife; Cites Faith, Divine Help

MADISON TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WXIX) An 83-year-old Madison Township man, who was trapped for hours after his tractor flipped over Monday night, says he might be there still if not for the use a little knife that someone gave him years ago.

James Cockerham was on his farm west of Middletown trying to pull a post out of the ground with the tractor.  When he tried to raise the post, the front of the tractor rose instead, flipping over and pinning the Butler County man under it.

After waiting a while, he decided help wasn't going to come to him on its own, so he decided to make his own help.

First he tried to free his legs. "I just kept on wiggling around and wiggling around what I could, trying to get out."

He was able to move them around, but he was still stuck. Then he remembered the little knife. "I started digging, like this! Digging and raking that dirt out of the way."

After four long hours, Cockerham had made a small trench and was able to slide into it and out from under the tractor.  His only injuries are scrapes and bruises.