New Retention Ponds Will Help Drainage

JONESBORO, AR -- After years of drainage problems in the city of Jonesboro work is being done to fix them, several retention ponds will be built over the next year or so in different areas in Jonesboro.

Three retention ponds are being built in south west Jonesboro near Owens Avenue and Culberhouse and at the corner of Markum and Valley Drive.

Ozell Brown lives on Owens and said his yard floods just about every time it rains.

"It would be uncomfortable for people going to work early that morning especially if you got a lot of rain at night," said Brown.

Contractors have been working on building three retention ponds in Jonesboro for the past couple of weeks.

"This has been in the works for several months now, if not a year.  You know, some time ago myself and the council decided we needed to work on ten hotspots in the city that have major drainage problems," said Jonesboro Mayor Doug Formon.

A few of the other hot spots are at West Oak, an area around East Nettleton Avenue, and the Highland Drive Center Grove area.

"Down on the east end of Owens we had multiple houses that were just taking on water.  We wanted to make sure they were taken care of first, so this was put on the top of the priority list," said Formon.

Mayor Doug Formon said these projects will impact a lot of people in Jonesboro.

"It's not really a flooding problem.  Flooding comes along with rivers and streams.  This is truly a drainage problem.  There is a problem with the internal infrastructure of the drainage in the city of Jonesboro," said Formon.

City Engineers don't expect this project to take more than sixty days to complete, saying it could be finished in as little as thirty days.

"It's going to collect the water in one place and slow it down and it's going to help the system that's in place actually handle the water that comes through here," said Formon.

"I think it will help us out a lot divert the water to some other place.  I think it's a great job that Jonesboro's doing," said Brown.

Depending on the weather this fall, at least one more retention pond could be built.  If that doesn't happen, they would start construction on more retention ponds this spring.