How Does the Water Massage Work?

  • The user remains clothed and dry for privacy and comfort with no post-session clean-up of water or oils.
  • The spray bar travels back and forth, massaging the full length of the body or it may easily be programmed to concentrate on a specific area.
  • An inverted V-shaped spray bar with 36 water jets is contained under an acrylic canopy. The powered canopy opens and allows easy access for the client to lie down on the cushion.
  • The water jets are separated into four groups of 9 jets each. The inner 2 groups (18 jets total) work together and the outer 2 groups work together to simulate a finger tip massage from the center of the body to the sides of the body.
  • The machine's water jets can be adjusted from 2 to 10 pounds of water jet force (similar to pressing on the body with 18 finger tips) to suit the sensitivity of the client and with a consistency that is hard to match with manual massage.
  • The water temperature can be adjusted from approximately 90ºF - 104ºF using the electronic thermostat.
  • The pulsating water jets can be adjusted from a relaxed 2 cycles per second up to an invigorating 10 cycles per second. The pulsation can be varied independent from the water pressure for maximum effect.
  • A water proof barrier conforms to the user, allowing a full surface massage on three sides of the body. The best alternative to traditional methods for today's life-styles.
  • The Water Massage is self-contained. No plumbing is required. No post-session clean-up or water disposal is necessary.