Indian Fans Enjoy Game, But Want Change

The muddy mess that hit Indian Stadium last week wasn't enough to keep the fans away this Saturday, but some of those fans say some things need to change.

"As as student, I pay good money to come to school here and parking's horrible here. We should have a paved parking lot for students where we don't have to worry about getting stuck and getting our cars on Saturday or Sunday afternoon and paying for them," said ASU student Dustin Kellums.

After last Saturday's game there was mud everywhere. More than 100 cars had to be towed from one lot well after the heavy rains had stopped.

By Saturday, the same spot had cleaned up nicely but students say the university should consider making some changes.

"I got stuck in the mud and it messed up my brakes. I had to go wash it off after the game. I was pretty upset about it at first. It would be nice to have a paved parking lot or something out here for students," said student Jonathan Martin.

Overall, potential traffic tie-ups took a backseat to the reason indian fans come out to the game ... to watch some football and enjoy each other's company.

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