Three State Government Officials Enjoyed Special Gifts

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Some Arkansas government officials enjoyed some enviable, although apparently ethical, extras last year.

In ethics reports, Director Richard Weiss of the Dept. of Finance & Administration says Affiliated Foods provided him and his wife a trip to Switzerland; Director Claire Bailey of the Dept. of Information Systems received a $350 gift from AT&T that included a ticket to the World Series; and Steve Dozier, then head of the Arkansas State Police, received baseball and football tickets.

State ethics rules say gifts given out of personal, professional or business relationships independent of the public office can be accepted.

In Weiss's case, Affiliated Foods does not do business with the state.  Bailey said she has a friendship with an AT&T executive that provided the ticket that goes back years before she became head of the state agency.  And Dozier's gifts came from Affiliated and 3M officials who say 3M also doesn't do business with Arkansas.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)