Some Farmers See Less Than Promising Cotton Harvest

ARBYRD, MO -- As the cotton harvest gets into full swing in Region 8, some farmers are having mixed reviews.

"Yields are all over the place.  We're having some that are really bad and some that are as good as last year," said Don Wallace.

"This year our irrigated cotton is making a normal crop.  Our un-irrigated cotton is burnt up.  It's making about a bale or 400 to 600 pounds an acre," said Mardon Layne.

This summer we have had unusually hot temperatures, with little to no rain.

"Most of the time the irrigated cotton always makes more, but never in my life have I seen as big of a difference as this year and years past," said Layne.

Farmers say different varieties held up better than others.  Some that usually do very well in Dunklin County didn't do as well this year because they couldn't withstand the stress from the summer heat.

"The dry July and the dry August and the 105 degree temperatures just took a toll on the land this year," said Layne.

Over at Layne Farms in Arbyrd they're trying to keep up their momentum working seven days a week picking cotton.

Greg Layne said they are about 40% finished with the harvest.

"We've picked about 1,000 acres.  We still have about 1,400 to pick," said Greg Layne.

It should be about three more weeks before farmers will be finished picking their cotton.