Community Rallies Together to Save Their School

Bald Knob High School is only 4 years old, but the history goes way back some 52 years, when Jane Emde used to be the school librarian. She also married a Bald Knob schoolteacher.

She says the fundraising effort is alive and well because the school is the centerpiece of the Bald Knob community.

"Once they got over the shock, the people pulled together. My husband refers to it as the way they worked in World War Two. Well, this is our war, said Emde.

The students of Bald Knob High are learning a very important life lesson ... to give back.

"They're very involved in all the activities we have going on up here. They're coming up here faithfully and they're working during their extra time, away from school. Whenever we ask and we need them, they're here," said teacher Cheryl Burns.

"We've been doing SOS campaigning and we've been doing some fund-raising. We had a dog wash where the bulldogs washed the dogs. We've had tons of things to help save our school," said student Montana Wallace.

A local banquet put on by by "Save Our School" campaign raised $116,000  ... add to that the thousands of donors, some of whom have promised to make more donations in the future.

"We're a poor town and the people have pulled together and have given away their last penny practically," said Emde.

Whether it be bake sales, book fairs, or banquets, the people of Bald Knob are showing their bulldog spirit.

"They're bulldogs and they'll always be the blue and white bulldogs. They've got a great deal of fight in them," said school principal, Steve Landers.