Families Get Ready for 875th's Return

JONESBORO, AR -- We are only a few short weeks away from the return of the 875th Engineer Battalion and the families are working hard getting ready to give them the homecoming they deserve.

"We are having two hundred banners printed up so when they come down Caraway they will see the support," said the fiancée Bridged Buhrmester.

All of the families are anxiously awaiting the return of their soldiers.  In the mean time they are working to get ready for the homecoming.

"We want community supporters to sponsor these banners.  It can be a family, business, or individual people," said Buhrmester.

The Headquarters Family Readiness Group is charging $20 for each sponsored banner, that money will go back into the family fund to pay for the banners and to help support the soldiers when they come in if they have any trouble.

"It's going to take a while to readjust to civilian live when they come back and we just want the community to support them," said Buhrmester.

When the soldiers left in 2006 the response of the community was overwhelming to the soldiers and their families and that support is what they need to see when they come home.

"We feel that no matter what your connection is to a soldier whether it's a family member or a friend or even if you don't know anybody, we feel it's really important to show your support when they come back," said Buhrmester.

All of the FRG's are working as a team and individually to prepare for the return.  The Charlie Company out of Paragould started hand painting their banners and signs about a month ago.

Those banners will start going up across Region 8 this Friday.