Classes Canceled Due To Bomb Threat

DONIPHAN (KAIT) - Students at Doniphan schools will not be going to class for the rest of this week because of a bomb threat.

The school board made the decision Tuesday night, to call off classes and all school-related activities because of some written threats discovered on one of the bathroom walls at Doniphan Middle School.

Sources say the threat stated a bomb would go off thursday during school.

"Well, Iwhen I got out of school about 9:30, I thought school was being called off because of the staph infection that's going around, but it was a bomb threat," said student Russ Miller.

Doniphan police say right now there are no suspects.

The speculation continues to grow among students, teachers and residents of Doniphan.

"A bunch of people are saying maybe the kid was wanting attention, but I think you want to take precautions anyways, just in case. The people at Columbine probably didn't think it was going to be true and then the shooting happened," said student Jordan Casteel.

"Probably what happened was they probably made somebody mad and they just called them in, but with technology today, they have access to everything. So, somebody's going to get burned," said parent John Wheeler.

Doniphan School Superintendent Kevin Sandlin says the board will consider making some changes over the next couple of days. It's likely students here will see more officers on campus and have to say goodbye to their backpacks when school is back in session.

"I think for a lot of students, when it comes to being at school and being safe, I think a lot of kids would say, I can live without a backpack. If you say I can't bring a backpack, I can live without a backpack," said Sandlin.

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