The Fair--Through The Eyes Of A Child

September 20, 2007--Posted at 3:30 PM CDT

Jonesboro--Maybe we forget what it's like. To be so excited about something like the fair.

As grown-ups, we don't look at it like they do.  Unhealthy treats and overpriced prizes that will be forgotten in a week.   And the shouts of "I want" and "I need that"

But look at those faces and you can still get lost in it.   And we'll keep bringing them back each year whether they still hold hands or not because through them, a part of us can remember when the world was a whole lot bigger.

Some come with a plan and deal with distractions along the way.  Taking time to practice being patient and showing us what the fair looks like from "down there".

The transportation to that final destination can be made by foot, motorcyle or even dragon.  At the fair getting there is truly half the fun. And when you do, it's time to take it all in. And if the reaction to finishing that journey through all the lines and possibly tears is not exactly what you may have hoped for remember you got to go along too.