Drivers Concerned Over Dangerous Intersection

LAWRENCE COUNTY, AR -- A crossroads intersection in Region 8 is a daily danger for some drivers.  The addition of a traffic light will help, but it's not operational yet and residents want to know why.

Traffic along Highway 63 is constantly moving and it's always moving fast.  For drivers along Highway 91, making a turn any direction can be dangerous.

"You've got to get out there.  There's no other way to get across," said driver Carolyn Faulkner.

Faulkner drives across the intersection at least twice a day.  In the last few months the road construction has wrapped up and the highway has moved to four lanes.  The problem for residents is that the new traffic light is up, but it's not working.

"We thought that if we just hung in there sooner or later they'd turn the light on and it'll be safe.  We're just really frustrated that nothings been done and it's been almost two months," said Faulkner.

Joe Barnett with the State Highway and Transportation Department told K8 News that they're working on it.

"It's flashing because we have to connect our signal with the railroad signal and there's been some delay in doing that," said Barnett.

Barnett said this signal is going to make crossing Highway 63 easier and safer for drivers both from other cars and from trains.

"It will be safer to get across the railroad with the new signal because it will actually stop traffic so they can't get onto the railroad tracks," said Barnett.

He also said that doing this always takes time.

"This is a common process that we go through and it's always a lengthy process.  If the public will just bare with us we will have it resolved soon," said Barnett.