Gaither Homecoming Draws Thousands to ASU Convo Center

September 20, 2007 - Posted at 9:29 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- For many in Region 8...Thursday night was a moving evening of southern gospel sounds.  Thousands came together at the ASU Convocation Center for the Gaither Homecoming 2007 to watch them perform their "Give It Away" tour.

While it was singers, musicians and comedians that took the stage...the real fun was the fellowship fans found from listening.

"I think it's a God given talent that they have and they use it wisely and it blesses so many hearts and fills so many voids that a lot of people have in this world and they are universally famous, it's not just Jonesboro or Arkansas, it's all over the world," said Norma Shield of KFLO 102.9.

As the Gaither Homecoming took the stage Thursday night at the ASU Convocation from all over Region 8 crowded to enjoy the sounds of southern gospel music.

"They have lots of variety, groups of people to do the singing, solos. They lost a pretty good piano player last year; we are going to miss him. So hopefully they have someone to replace him," said fan Randy Hood.

"I like their music, I like their style, they are very sincere," said Jackie Hood.

The collaboration has won Grammy's, Dove's and even a Songwriter of the Century Award, but fans say the music is more than inspiring.

Memphis resident Joe Ontl said, "If you leave and are not uplifted, something is wrong.  The vehicle that I have, that is all that is ever played in it is Gaither music."

"I think that the songs, they are not just uplifting, but they are life changing. If you listen, I think God's spirit is here and he just touches a lot of people that come," said Lynn Ontl who has seen the group three times.

The Gaither Homecoming show has been touring since 1991.