Banners Go Up in Region 8 to Welcome Home the 875th

PARAGOULD, AR -- As the time winds down for the return of the soldiers with the 875th Engineer Battalion, their friends and families are working hard getting ready for them to come home.

"The whole time they've been gone we've been working.  The banners we've worked on for a couple of months now," said soldier's wife Sheri Henn.

The women have been getting together every week to make the banners possible, now they're putting them up.

"It just makes me know that everybody's pulling together," said soldier's wife Jeanne Clark.

Different businesses and people have volunteered their yards so our soldiers will be able to see how much love and support they have.

"It was just overwhelming seeing all the signs in town when they left, and I just love to see all the businesses right now that are putting up the signs," said Clark.

"We couldn't have done anything this year without this community," said Henn.

This past year has been hard for many families.  There are men and women serving in the 875th and their families are ready to have them back.  Now that our soldiers will be arriving back on American soil soon, the excitement is almost uncontainable.

"I'm very relieved.  They've done a good job and their jobs done and they're coming home.  That means a lot," said Henn.

The Charlie Company has 200 banners as well as mile markers that will be put up along the highway over the weekend. But they know that their hard work will pay off very soon.

"It's just wonderful knowing one more week and they're going to be here," said Henn.

The banners will be put up all across the area on Sunday.