Hoxie Fire Heroes Honored

Just a few months ago several firefighters suffered injuries in a fire at the 'Furniture and Appliances Now' store in Hoxie.

Saturday, they were honored for their heroic sacrifices that hot, July day.

Hoxie firefighter Billy Blair suffered the most serious injuries.

"When I fell I landed on top of my head," said Blair. "I fell approximately 14 or 15 feet."

Blair says he's shocked by all the people who've showed they care.

"Ever since I fell everyone's showed their appreciation. Matter of fact, I received a card from out of state. I was just amazed at how much care everyone has shown."

Firefighters from six different departments answered the call of duty that day and most were volunteers.

Hoxie Fire Chief Will Tate says he's seen a surge in people who want to volunteer their time.

"People from the community want to be a volunteer firefighter. People want to find out what it's all about. Many people don't realize what it entails to be a volunteer firefighter," said Tate.

The store was completely destroyed. It's since been rebuilt and the owners say they owe some thanks in part to members of the community, who've kept business alive.

The company is giving back to those fire departments by giving each one a donation of $500.

John Simpkins suffered from heat axhaustion when he helped put out the Hoxie fire and says he appreciates the store giving back to them.

"I think it's pretty good for that company to want to do that. We don't ask for stuff like that we just go out and do this every day," said Simpkins. "I think it's pretty neat."

Fan Sales and Leasing in Hoxie is located at 610 North - Hwy 67-B.

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