NEA Fair Ends Early, Eight Arrested

JONESBORO (KAIT) The fair saw record numbers of attendance this week and with all the people, came some problems.

In what one police officer described as "mob mentality" dozens of people were ushered out of the fair Saturday night.

Hundreds of fair-goers rushed to get out after it was shut down because of several fights and reports of gunfire.

According to Jonesboro Police, eight people were arrested on charges including resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

Some eyewitnesses say they heard gunfire.

"I was working the rides and I heard gunshots go off. I seen everybody take off after that. Later when everyone was leaving out of the front gate I seen a gun come out and everyone take off again," said carnival worker Roy Rogers.

Arkansas State police, along with the Craighead County Sheriff's Department and Jonesboro Police stayed to conduct crowd control.

"Once we were sure we began to try to move the crowd out of the location, to keep from having any additional situations pop up," said Lt. Mark Mosier.

Jonesboro Police say no evidence was found that any guns actually went off, but they do say several people had to be tasered and some officers were struck by those people they were trying to arrest.

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