Dangerous Cribs Recalled

IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE A PLACE OF COMFORT, AND REST FOR INFANTS.. INSTEAD, PARENTS WERE WARNED FRIDAY THAT THEIR CHILD'S CRIB COULD BE DANGEROUS. THE CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY COMMISSION ANNOUNCED A VOLUNTARY RECALL OF ONE MILLION CRIBS CARRIED UNDER THE BRAND NAMES SIMPLICITY AND GRACO NANCY Nord (Consumer Product Safety Commission): Tragically, three young children have died in these cribs. Paernts and caregivers should check immediately to see if their crib is included in this recall. IN SEVERAL OTHER CASES, CHILDREN WERE INJURED.. OFFICIALS SAY THERE IS A POTENTIALLY FATAL DESIGN FLAW WHICH ALLOWED OWNERS TO INSTALL THE DROP RAIL OF THE CRIB UPSIDE DOWN. THAT MISTAKE CREATES A SMALL GAP WHERE CHILDREN CAN BECOME TRAPPED AND SUFFOCATE. JOHN LINEWEATHER: The parents have to feel that no one is really watching out for them. IN 1984, JOHN LINEWEAVER'S SON DANNY WAS LEFT WITH SEVERE BRAIN DAMAGE AFTER AN ACCIDENT IN HIS CRIB...HE DIED NINE YEARS LATER... LINEWEAVER FOUNDED DANNY'S FOUNDATION AND WORKED FOR 20 YEARS TO ESTABLISH SAFETY REGULATIONS FOR CRIBS AND BLAMES THE GOVERNMENT FOR FAILING TO ACT.. JOHN LINEWEATHER: congress has to reauthorize CPSC to be able to issue mandatory recalls, not voluntary recalls. If there's a problem, make the recall first and ask questions later! THE CRIBS ARE JUST THE LATEST IN A LONG LINE OF RECALLED PRODUCTS THIS SUMMER THAT WERE MADE IN CHINA -- but China isn't to blame for all the problems. Just yesterday, the CEO of toy maker Mattel apologized to the Chinese -- saying design flaws were as much to blame as manufacturing problems. And with the cribs, it was a design flaw that led to the recall.. . AND WITH INCIDENTS DATING BACK YEARS- LINEWEAVER WONDERS WHY IT TOOK SO LONG TO REALIZE THERE WAS A PROBLEM.. What about the last two years worth of children who have been at risk in these same cribs? .its outrageous!