Leftover Fighting From Fair At Jonesboro High School

Jonesboro, AR- A piece of plywood marks the spot where a chair was hurled at a window in the common area of Jonesboro High School.

The school says a fight between five students Monday was a result of fighting that went on this weekend at the fair.

"They had some problems at the fair and the situation this morning was carried over from the fair. We had some verbal altercations and i've basically been here all day and everything else has been ok, " said Assistant School Superintendent, Charles Cobb.

The eight people arrested at the fair were initially picked up for charges including resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

A decision was made Monday to drop those charges to misdemeanors.

In a video that was posted on YouTube , hundreds of people are seen trying to make their way out of the fair Saturday after it was shut down around 10:30 p.m.

Some people panicked because they say they heard gunfire and Jonesboro Police say things started to get out of hand ... quick.

"There were reports that a gun went off. We were never able to verify that, but people did panic. That could have been very dangerous and volatile," said Captain BJ Smith.

Cobb says contrary to some speculation, the school was never on lockdown.

There were precautionary measures taken however.

Students were checked before entering the building Monday morning because of the fights at the fair.

The fair board will be considering some possible changes over the next couple of days that could be implemented in time for next year's fair.

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