False Threats Lead to Extra Security at Area Schools

JONESBORO, AR -- Monday afternoon, a student told a school resource officer at Valley View School about a rumor that there would be a shooting at the school on Tuesday.  The officer contacted Valley View Superintendent Radius Baker, who in turn contacted Jonesboro Police.

"We started looking into the situation yesterday and couldn't find any credible evidence of any of it," said Jonesboro Police Chief Michael Yates.

Some parents did pull their kids out of classes, but most decided to trust that the school would keep them safe.

"The teachers are trained and we have the School Resource Officers and we've got to put them in God's hands and let the teachers take care of them," said parent Edie Grayson.

About 20% of the students at Valley View were pulled out of school by their parents.  However, Yates said he feels the students are safe and that the allegations false.

"The rumor mill has kind of gotten out of control with kids coming up with all kinds of stories but so far I've checked with all three school districts and haven't had any incidents that are out of the ordinary," said Yates.

"You'll not find a school safer than Valley View," said parent Sam Thompson.

Baker said he plans to keep the extra security on campus for the rest of the week to ensure the safety of students

"Any time you have a situation that students are anyone thinks there is going to be a weapon of any type on campus, we increase our security," said Baker.