Gangs. Are They A Problem In Jonesboro?

Jonesboro, AR- Jonesboro police officer Greg Lawson has been working in Jonesboro area schools for a good number of years warning kids of the dangers of drugs.

With the drugs, come the gangs.

Whether it's the Crips, the Bloods, Vice Lords or Gangster Disciples, gangs that were once reserved only for big cities are garnering recruits in small towns across the country.

Region 8 is no exception, according to police.

"We're getting people moving in from Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit who know how to organize a gang. That's what we're kinda starting to see now a little bit," said Lawson.

Jonesboro police say the fighting over the weekend at the NEA District Fair was most likely related to gang activity.

Some of the people fighting were also associated with a fight at Jonesboro High School Monday in which a chair was thrown through a window of the school.

"Some of the individuals involved with the altercation at the fair were the same individuals we've had to deal with in parts of town frequently," said Jonesboro Police Chief Mike Yates.

For parents concerned their children could be participating in gang activity, there are a few things police say they should look for including bandanas, shirt colors and other insignia that could represent a particular group.

"Anything from hanging out with a different crowd to wearing a certain color of clothing. Just things like that you should look for," said Lawson.

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