Clean Up for Jonesboro Flooding Begins

Jonesboro, AR --Most of the week has been rainy for parts of Region 8. But some got a belly full Wednesday night after 3 to 7 inches of rain fell in a span of just a few hours.

"It started washing out. Big ole chunks of tree trunks were coming down here, some kid's turtle sandbox floated down here and hit my truck and stuff. It was an awful sight." Ryan Jones had flood waters throughout his home in the Windsor Landing Subdivision. "It flooded all inside the house. Carpets are completely gone, some of the kids toys and stuff. It's just, I ain't never seen anything like this."

While the waters were rising in the subdivision, neighbors came out to witness what Jonesboro Mayor Doug Formon calls unbelievable. "I witnessed it last night and saw water going through a subdivision, not this one, but where it was white capping and pushing garage doors back. It was an absolute amazing amount of rain in a short period of time."

Mayor Formon came to the Windsor Landing Subdivision to look at some of the damage and talk to residents about the flood. "This is a unique situation out here in Windsor Landing because the subdivision borders the county. It's more than fixing the problem here. If we increase the flow here and push our water out it going to flood out neighbors out in the county and we don't want to do that."

The drainage system for the subdivision is able to handle a ten-year flood event. Anything greater, and flooding does become a problem.  "What our crews are also going to find out today is to see what type of a year fall event it was," says Formon. "Whether it was a ten-year, five-year, one hundred-year, we feel pretty confident it was at least more than a ten year event."

While the city works to determine exactly what caused the flooding Wednesday evening, residents still have a big clean-up ahead.

Says Jones "it was ankle deep in my house." That ankle deep water will cause carpet, furniture, clothing, and appliances to be replaced.

Some of the residents wanted to know if the city was going to help them out financially because they do not live in a designated flood zone and do not have flood insurance. Mayor Formon has put in a call to the Office of Emergency Services to see what assistance could be provided. Options are being checked out as to what, if any assistance may be available.

Erick Woodruff, the City of Jonesboro's Public Works Director, wants residents in the effected areas to know that any carpet and debris from the flooding will be picked up on Friday, as scheduled, and also on Tuesday of next week. This is not something the city would normally do, but they want residents to begin clean up as soon as possible.