Coming Home: Charlie Company Returns Home

PARAGOULD, AR -- The reunions for the 875th soldiers started early Saturday morning when the Charlie Company came in a little earlier than expected.  The buses rolled through Paragould around 6:30 a.m.

"All the way up until we got to Memphis and on the road it felt like just another day in Iraq, but as soon as we passed the fire trucks and they were honking and waving, your heart almost stops," said soldier Hank Sprouse.

These families and soldiers have been waiting for fourteen months for this reunion.

"It's been long, so long.  Everyday we think there's one more day until my dad comes home, so we're really excited that he's home," said soldiers son Blake McCarroll.

"Being away from the family is just like anything else.  You get homesick, but you still have a job to do over there and we did it.  Homesick is always one of the biggest parts," said soldier James Northern.

Families and friends greeted their soldiers at the Armory in Paragould with hugs and tears and a lot of love.

"I was almost in tears.  It was good.  So happy, so happy," said McCarroll.

"They're happy that I'm finally home.  They don't have to worry as much," said Sprouse.

Many fathers in the Charlie Company grabbed a hold of their kids for the first time, seeing how much they've grown in the time spent away.

"I definitely think I missed a lot.  This one here went to preschool while I was gone.  They both got bigger.  It took a big chunk out of my life," said Northern.

But at the same time, these soldiers say they are proud of the things they accomplished in Iraq disarming over one thousand IED's during their mission.

"Roger that.  Everything the 875th Charlie Company does is to perfection and we did our job.  We did it proudly and we're glad to be home," said Northern.

"I'd just like to thank the people here at home for all the support you've given us over the last year and a half.  It's way beyond what we ever expected," said Sprouse.

Two other groups of buses also arrived on Saturday, brining in the soldiers from Headquarters, Alpha, and Bravo Companies.