SCHIPS-Healthcare Insurance

THE POLITICAL BATTLE OVER HEALTHCARE..: ONE SIDE CALLS GOVERNMENT PROVIDED HEALTH CARE SOCIAL WELFARE, PAID FOR BY ALREADY OVERBURDENED TAXPAYERS. OTHERS SAY HEALTH CARE IS EXACTLY WHAT GOVERNMENTS SHOULD BE DOING, PROVIDING FOR THE COMMON GOOD, WELL... THE TWO SIDES CLASHED TODAY While the President prepares to veto the State's Child Health Insurance Bill , the question in Washington is, What next?  "Now we can fight. We can have partisan political charge, counter-charge or we can come together with a solution." In his weekly radio address the President called the House and Senate proposal "irresponsible" because it expands a program originally intended only for low income families. LOTT: "It's already covering kids from families making $62,000, and some states even have asked to go as high as $83,000 to be covered." That's not ok with some conservatives. But Democrats believe it's ok with most Americans, especially those in the middle income brackets , who feel the pinch of private health care costs the most . "The average health care cost per family is about $1,500 a month, $20,000 a year...Ask your average person in New York who makes $60, 000, who's a police officer, or a salesman, or a schoolteacher, can they afford $20,000 a year for health care." Supporters seem to have enough votes to override a presidential veto in the Senate , but not in the house. Still, Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she'll keep sending the bill back to the President. Democrats have already made something of a political show of the issue - highlighting children who , in some cases , might not have survived were it not for the medical care covered by S-CHIP. The White House is calling for more compromise. But Democrats say the bill IS a compromise: SCHUMER: ...Senator Grassley, hardly a free-spending liberal -- the number two senator on the finance committee Senator Hatch, one of the most conservative Republican senators -- not only voted for this -- that's not the point -- they were involved intimately in the negotiations.  The President supports a modest expansion of SCHIP. But Democrats say the 5-billion dollar increase he wants is NOT enough money to continue coverage. . for the 6 million children, and 700-thousand adults, already in the program