Offbeat: 875th Welcomed Home

October 1, 2007---Posted at 10:10 a.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR--Our soldeirs from the 875th Engineer Battalion are back home again.  The busses rolled into Paragould, Jonesboro, and Little Rock on Saturday.  Thousands lined the streets in Paragould in Jonesboro to welcome home our troops and tell them, "job well done."

It was a day filled with cheers and tears, hugs and love, and thankful hearts that the 875th soldiers are home.  One soldier, Sgt. Erich Smallwood did not make it back, he died back in May when an IED exploded and hit his Humvee.  There were signs remembering Smallwood and his sacrifice.

121 soldiers from the 875th will be headed back to Iraq in January, going along with the 39th Infantry brigade out of Little Rock.  Most of those troops will be soldiers that did not serve in this past 12 month tour.