Crash Video Released, Some Say Buses Need Buckles

Paragould- Video just released by the Greene County Prosecutor's Office shows just how vulnerable kids can be riding on a school bus.

On September 27-th, at 6:55 a.m., the driver of the bus hit a guardrail as she was approaching a bridge in rural Greene County.

The video shows the children being thrown around the bus as it hits the ground in the ditch below.

The driver, Kathryn George, of Paragould is facing a misdemeanor charge, but the head of Greene County Tech Transportation says she was doing what she was supposed to be doing .. checking all mirrors to make sure the kids were fine.

"If you're aware of your route, then possibly she's not going to check her mirrors at that bridge in the future, but a lot of our routes are not flat lands a lot of them are hills," said Keith Davis.

All the kids were released from the hospital with minor injuries, but advocates of mandatory seat-belts on school buses say the video of this latest accident is a case in point example of why kids need to be buckled up.

Greene County's Prosecutor Randy Philhours says one of the children on the bus was only four and the fact that it's illegal if he's not in a car seat in his parents car, but he rides a school bus unrestrained, doesn't make sense.

"Why do they have to do it in their own private car and then we put them on a public conveyance, that the public pays for and this young man at the front of the bus becomes an unguided missile with a backpack," said Philhours.

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