Howell County Duo Pleads Guilty to Peddling Ozarks Moonshine

SPRINGFIELD, MO - A father and son have pleaded guilty to federal charges of making illegal whiskey in their barn in the Missouri Ozarks.

Federal prosecutors said it was the biggest still discovered in Missouri in 30 years.

Wayne and Francis Pettyjohn entered their plea yesterday to federal tax fraud charges for running an unlicensed still in Howell County in south-central Missouri, on the Arkansas border.

Prosecutors said the Pettyjohns admitted to moonshining since 1998 and selling the whiskey to local bars.

Wayne Petteyjohn is 70 and his son Francis is 40.

The case began when officers from a drug task force brought more than a dozen bottles of moonshine whiskey from the Petteyjohns during an undercover investigation.

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