Woman Declines $100 from Arkansas Company after Finding Mouse Head in Green Beans

LEHI, UTAH - An Arkansas company is offering $100 to a Utah woman who found a severed mouse head in a can of green beans if she pledges not to take legal action, but she's not biting.

The letter from Allen Canning Company of Siloam Springs describes it as a "gesture of goodwill."  Marianne Watson isn't interested.

She said she wouldn't sign the pledge Allen offered, under any circumstances.  The 49-year-old Watson said she never intended to take legal action in the first place.  She said she just wants to put enough media attention on the company to make it withdraw the cans of beans.

Watson said she was cooking lunch for two sons Sunday when she said she found a severed mouse head in a can of Allen's cut green beans, which had been purchased at a Wal-Mart store in American Fork, Utah.

Allen Canning spokesman James Phillips said the mouse probably was picked up during the harvest and did not originate in the canning factory.  He called it an isolated incident.

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