Flag Flown in Iraq Presented to Students

WALNUT RIDGE, AR -- For some students at one region 8 school, their text books came to life on Friday.  A member of the 875th Engineer Battalion gave a flag flown in Iraq to the sixth social studies classes.

"The Walnut Ridge Middle School and elementary school sent me several care packages and I wanted to do something to thank them," Specialist Kenneth Clark.

Clark's dad is a social studies teacher at Walnut Ridge Middle School.

"Having served in Vietnam and Korea I know the value of that stuff you get from home, so we encouraged them to send cards and packages and boxes," said Lloyd Clark.

Now, the students will have a daily reminder of Clark's service.

"I flew an American flag over the Alfaw Palace which is the headquarters for the multinational corp in Iraq.

"It's probably going to be a reminder of what everyone in Iraq is doing for us," said student Hannah Massey.

"Not everyone gets to have a local soldier come and give a flag to us and share his experiences," said David Ryan.

Like many in this area the Walnut Ridge students have a special connection to the soldiers and Clark said that's why this is so important.

"Hopefully they appreciate some of the sacrifice we have to go do over there, learn some of the political situation too.  I want them to learn about the war and our reasons for doing it better," said Clark.

The flag will stay in one of the classrooms in Walnut Ridge.