Agape House Changing Houses

GREENE COUNTY, AR -- Over the past year we've been brining you stories about the Agape House in Paragould.  The Agape House is a four month program that helps women battle addiction through faith.

There may be a few obstacles standing in their way, but members of the Agape House are ready to start a new chapter of their lives, and the first step is a new house.

"We need 86,000 people to donate a dollar or 86 people to donate $1,000 or anywhere in between," said Fundraising Director Charles Pool.

The Agape House been in need of a new house for a long time and now that they've found one, they are ready to move in.

"The house that we currently occupy is about 1,100 square feet," said Agape House Director Sunny Curtis.

Curtis said they have outgrown their house.  They have ten women in the program with four girls in two bedrooms, and two girls on couches.

"The bedrooms are so small that by the time they get their clothes and stuff in there's not enough room to turn around.  The bedrooms in the new house are quite a bit bigger," said Curtis.

The Agape House helps a lot of women every year.  Curtis said they keep a waiting list with about 20 people waiting to get into the program.

"It's an answered prayer.  It's an answered prayer and it's going to meet our needs," said Curtis.

Their old house has been integral in getting the program off the ground in the last three years.

"This one has worked well for us for almost three years.  I mean, we outgrew it almost as soon as we moved in but God provided it for us and we're very grateful for that.  We're really excited to be able to move into the new house," said Curtis.

But before that can happen, they've got to raise some money to pay for the new house.

"The only thing that's holding us back now is money.  We're supposed to close on October 19th and we're supposed to get a six month note on this new house.  We've got six months to raise $86,000," said Pool.

"We've proven ourselves to our community and now we need their support.  We need their prayer support and their financial support," said Curtis.

The new house is located in Oak Grove Heights and Curtis said they are counting down the days until they get to move.

That move could happen in the next few weeks.

If you would like to help the Agape House get into their new location, log onto their website: