Woman Arrested After Cashing Fraudulent Money Order

HOXIE - Trish Cooper describes the anguish of having to sit in the Lawrence County jail for a crime she says she didn't commit.

"There were two girls standing there who cashed the money orders. Do you think they're going to have to walk through Wal-Mart with a police officer," said Cooper.

Cooper says when three money orders issued by what she thought was Wal-Mart, totaling more than $1,000 landed on her doorstep, the first thing that came to her mind was ... it's some sort of miracle.

"I remember my mom saying after my brother died, don't ask why," she said. "I just figured if they're not real they won't cash them."

The money orders were cashed.

Instead of giving Trish the money, she says Wal-Mart put the money on what's called a moneycard.

"I just didn't feel comfortable carrying around $900 in cash and I thought if I have these money cards it will be alright," said Cooper.

The next day she was picked up by police in Wal-Mart.

"If it was fraud they should have arrested me that day but, they didn't know it then because it was authorized to be cashed," she said.

Trish heads back to court October 31st.

She says police never asked her for the envelope the checks came in and when she tried to contact UPS, they weren't interested.

K-8 tried to contact the Walnut Ridge police department. We left a message but no one's returned our call.

If you suspect a money order you have is a fake log onto the US Postal Service website. They have a list of hot money order forms.

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