Second Round of Wanna Dance? Competition Heats Up

October 9, 2007 - Posted at 9:12 p.m. CDT

BROOKLAND, AR -- Region 8's dancing queens and kings kicked up their heels Tuesday night at the Brookland Performing Arts Center for the second round of Wanna Dance?

It's a competition that is raising money for the Woman's Discovery Center one swing step at a time.

"It's really hot!" laughed Faye Cox of the WDC, "We saw most of the Latin dances last week but we are really going to see a wide variety of dances tonight, so it's really going to be fun!"

Eight more couples took to the spotlight Tuesday night as part of the second round of Wanna Dance?

"There will be some good competition out there tonight and you know what I'm not going to dog anybody who goes out there and gives it a try because anyone who goes out there and really gives it a try really deserves a lot of compliments for even getting up there on stage," said Triple FM Radio Group's Jim Frigo who competed in last week's competition.

From the beat of the East Coast the rhythm of the waltz, the competition heated up.

"I think if I step on her toes, she's going to taz me," laughed Scott Davis of the NEA Clinic Administration.

He and his partner, Jonesboro Police Department SWAT member Susan Grey danced the waltz.

"It is probably one of the tougher challenges," laughed Jonesboro mayor Doug Formon, "It's definitely got me out of my element because I don't do ballroom dancing, so it's going to be fun though."

"They are all in it for the same reason. They are all saying, you know we just want to have a great time, we enjoy doing this, and we are raising money for such a good cause and that just really is wonderful," said Cox.

You can vote for your favorite dancing couple until Thursday, October 18th.  This is an election you can buy...votes are $1 and you can cast them at the main branch of Heritage Bank in Jonesboro.

The final dance off will be between the top six couples and we here at KAIT are encouraging you to vote for our favorite dancer...Lauren Payne!!