Concerned Citizens Seek To Shut Down Adult-Themed Stores

FORREST CITY - Connie Moore is the pastor of Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church in Caldwell.

Moore, along with other church leaders in the community, want to shut down two adult stores straddling Interstate 40.

Moore says they're brining St. Francis county down to a level that's doing more harm than good.

"I would like to see them have a conviction about what they're doing and recognize that what they think is harmless .. is harmful," said Moore.

He also says even though it's mainly truck drivers who frequent the stores, it's the surrounding towns which are feeling the negative side-effects of having adult-themed stores in the neighborhood.

Moore's group has decided to hold prayer rallies outside of the 'Adult World' store.

He says it's one way they're telling business owners "not in my backyard."

"I think it will raise awareness and that's one of the things that we want to do. We want to let our elected officials know that we are concerned and I think when this thing gets out that people are concerned, it will lead people in other communities to let their elected officials know that they are concerned," he said.

K-8 did talk to the owner of 'Adult World.'

He declined comment.

The group will hold their next prayer rally November 1st.

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