Check Scam: Jonesboro Man Warning Others of Fake Checks

JONESBORO, AR -- We're tracking another check scam that's going around Region 8, this time the check recipient caught it before it was too late.

A local bank tells us they see these phony checks on a daily basis.

"I thought it was a fraud," said Bob Heath.

Heath is a minister in Jonesboro and like many in Region 8 has gotten a fake check in the mail.

"I got this letter in the mail yesterday with a check in it for $4,700 telling me I won $250,000, but I needed to cash the check and I needed to buy a money order send it to Canada to pay taxes on my winnings," said Heath.

After getting the check he said he decided to come to K8 News to make sure our viewers knew about this scam.

The letter that came with the check claimed Heath had won his "award" through the lottery.

I never have purchased a lottery ticket so I couldn't have one it with a lottery ticket," said Heath.

Local banks and the Jonesboro Police Department say this happens on a daily basis.

"They receive a check for a large amount," said Vic Brooks.

Jonesboro Detective Vic Brooks said many have fallen victim to these scams.

"These are not real.  A lot of them will say that you have been picked for a lottery and if you haven't entered the lottery then there should be no reason why you should be receiving anything," said Heath.

The check and lottery are not real but the names on the check are.  The company listed at the top is in North Carolina.  On their website, a disclaimer, saying they know about the scam and that they are not involved, but Heath said he thinks some will be fooled by the phony checks.

"I think if you got this through the mail and you looked at it you'd be so impressed with it you'd want to cash it right away and I think that's how so many people get caught up in this stuff," said Heath.

Detective Brooks tried calling the phone number on the letter that came with the check and after a few questions, they hung up on him.  Heath tells K8 News his bank got the same reaction.

"If somebody gets a letter similar to this I think it's bogus.  I wouldn't cash the check at all," said Heath.

If you get a check in the mail you find suspicious, you are encouraged to take it to the police department or to your local bank and have them take a look at it.